It is your body. You only have this one and you have to live with it for the rest of your life. If you’re feeling unhealthy or fat, eat better and train more. You don’t have time for lifting? Log out. Lifting heavy weights is not natural? Couching and gaining fat is not natural! Don’t reward yourself with food, you’re neither a kid nor a dog. Reward yourself by looking damn good when you’re naked. Train your weaknesses, and train them often. Do not only train your muscles, but also your mind. Achieve knowledge and wisdom by reading a lot and by making experiences. Be kind. Stay away from drugs – lifting weights and eating clean in order to live a healthy lifestyle and doing drugs is not an acceptable combination. Alcohol is a drug. Your body will be longer around than that one evening. Invest more in yourself than in things. Be inspired by successful people who made it, but find and go your own way. Inspire others. If you really want something, stay focused and ignore the naysayers. Only look back to see how far you’ve come. Set goals, reach them, repeat. Break your limits, never surrender. Be confident and always try to be better than yesterday. Compete with yourself and make it an addiction. Success comes from that last 5% that others won’t go. Nothing great was ever created without blood, sweat and tears. Get the hell up! Go shred yourself!